Jargon Buster


When it comes to planning a new kitchen, there are words and phrases thrown around that may be new to you.

Not everybody knows the difference between a pelmet and a plinth. That’s why we’ve put together this 'kitchen jargon buster' to help you on your journey to a new kitchen:


Appliance door

This is a door used when utilising integrated appliances, to ensure the appliance can be used effectively but is also concealed by the door.

Built-in or integrated

Generally used with appliances, this is designed to bring uniformity to your kitchen by housing your appliances with doors that match your kitchen range. Can be used to cover most appliances such as fridge freezers, washing machines and tumble dryers.


A unit which is independent from the rest of the kitchen, typically used for appliances which aren’t built-in. We have various buying guides, so if you’re thinking about buying a freestanding oven, fridge freezer or other appliance, check out our kitchen appliance buying guide first.


The outer of a cabinet often used when integrating kitchen appliances.

Steam oven

Steam ovens contain a reservoir and turn water into steam to cook food, reducing the need for oils and seasoning.


Blind-end cabinet

A blind base cabinet is a piece used in a corner to transition between one wall to another without leaving a large empty space in a corner.

Cam and dowel

This is a cabinet construction method that creates a strong and durable build. 


A kitchen cabinet or carcass is the shell of your kitchen. These are the units with shelves that you use to store all your kitchen items. These consist of base cabinets and wall cabinets. Your specific kitchen door styles are then fitted to the front.  Available in several different colours and built with 18mm panels (including an 18mm full height back panel).


A decorative horizontal trim that sits above the top of a cabinet. These are typically used to give a different style to your cabinets. We offer them in modern and traditional styles.

Drawer Unit

A drawer unit is the same height as a standard unit, the difference being that rather than consisting of a door, there will be a combination of drawers for storage.

Drawer-line unit

A drawer line unit is the same height as a standard unit, the difference being that it has a single drawer at the top with a smaller standard door below.

End panel

A decorative piece used at the end of an exposed cabinet, usually used to ensure the colour or style of the end unit matches the rest of the kitchen.

Handle less

A door with an integrated handle in the top of bottom of the door. These are typically ultra-modern kitchen styles, for customers seeking the latest in contemporary kitchen styles. Our Garcinia Gloss fitted kitchen looks great with integrated handles.


A standard base kitchen unit, with a door and no drawers, is classed as a high line unit.

Lay on Doors

A lay on door covers the whole front of the kitchen cabinets, leaving only a small gap between neighbouring units. This is a popular choice for those looking for a modern and sleek look for their kitchen.


A decorative horizontal trim that sits below a cabinet. These are typically used to give a different decorative style to your cabinets. We offer a range of attractive pelmets in modern and traditional styles.

Plinth aka ‘kick plate’

Used to bridge the gap between the floor and the bottom of your kitchen cabinets. These are used to hide away cabinet legs and unsightly gaps to give your kitchen a complete and tidy look. These are available colour matched to your kitchen door style.

Service void

An area behind a cabinet which is not seen once the worktop has been fitted. A service void is used to conceal any waste pipes and wiring that may sit behind the cabinet.

Shaker door

A style of kitchen door whereby a raised outer door profile gives a more traditional door style. We offer a selection of fitted kitchens with shaker doors.

Soft close hinge

A door hinge which prevents the door from slamming when pushed shut. This is essential for any kitchen to help stop damage through slammed doors and prolong the life of your kitchen. We also supply soft-close drawer units and soft-close adapters, so you can easily upgrade any old non-soft close hinges you have in your kitchen.

Layout and design

CAD (Computer Aided Design)

Computer software used to create precision drawing or technical illustrations. We use a specialist kitchen design tool created specifically for us.

Kitchen island

A freestanding piece of cabinetry which is used to supplement your countertop space. These can often be used as statements within larger kitchens, housing sinks, hobs, and even including breakfast areas with bar stools. You can introduce an island to your kitchen with any of our fitted kitchen styles.

Kitchen working triangle

The distance between your sink, fridge and cooker, ensuring this flows correctly is key to a well-designed kitchen. There are a number of working triangles dependant on the shape of your kitchen and your individual needs.


A peninsula acts as a connected island, converting an L-shaped kitchen into a horseshoe or U-shape. You can introduce a peninsula to your kitchen with any of our fitted kitchen styles.

Sinks and taps

1 bowl sink

A sink with one bowl

1.5 bowl sink

A sink with one bowl and a half size bowl next to it

2 bowl sink

A sink with two large bowls

Boiling tap

A tap that provides instant boiling water (not suitable for solid surface worktops)

Composite quartz

Made with real quartz that’s added during manufacture, providing a thick, solid profile surface that’s incredibly robust, highly scratch resistant and able to withstand very high temperatures. This is ideal if you’re after a robust, hardwearing sink that’s long-lasting.


Handcrafted ceramic baked fire clay, with a thick profile, silky to touch and easy to wipe down after use without staining. Ceramic is perfect if you want a cool white premium look for your kitchen.

Deck mixer

Deck mixer and bridge taps have a single spout fed by two separate flow control handles and are fitted to sinks with two holes.

Food waste disposal

A food waste disposal unit is a device, usually electrically powered, installed under a kitchen sink between the sink’s drain and the plumbing waste pipes. The disposal unit shreds food waste into pieces small enough, generally less than 2 mm, to pass through plumbing.

Pillar tap

Usually sold as pairs, pillar taps are fitted to sinks with two holes and provide one tap for hot water and another for cold.


Constructed from a lightweight, thinner man-made material with the appearance of composite quartz. Highly resistant to everyday wear and tear. Resin is perfect for customers who want the granite (composite quartz).

Side lever

Side lever taps have a single spout fed by an easy-to-use lever. Superbly practical, a lever controls the flow rates and mixes hot and cold water together.

Stainless steel sinks

Practical, durable and easy to maintain. They’re lightweight, highly resistant to chipping and cracking providing affordable, practical style.

Spring neck/pull out

Pull-out spray taps are the ultimate in style, practicality and functionality. The hi-tech look of a spray tap makes it a stylish addition to any kitchen and their flexibility makes light work of a range of washing and rinsing tasks.

Toughened glass

Sinks with a stunning glass frame and a thicker profile compared to stainless steel combined with an inset stainless-steel bowl. If you want to make a style statement, toughened glass is the way to do it.

Twin lever

The most popular tap design, twin lever taps have a single spout fed by two separate flow control handles and are fitted to sinks with one tap hole. This handle offers a mix or lever and cross handle styles.


Like side lever taps with a single spout fed by an easy-to-use top lever that controls the flow rate and mixes hot and cold water together.

Waste kit

The plumbing components required to plumb in your sink, this comes with a basket strainer as well as plumbing pipes.


Composite worktops

These worktops are built with an acrylic resin surface bonded to a wooden subframe (usually MDF).

Cut outs

A section of a worktop that’s ‘cut out’ to allow the installation of a sink, hob, tap, pipes or any other obstructions.


This is a hardwearing, decorative exterior used on worktops to provide a surface that’s hygienic and easy to clean. The surface is bonded to a chipboard subframe, typically 28-38 mm thick, to give the look of wood or stone.

Splashback or backsplash

These are most typically used behind a hob to protect the wall from steam and food splashes. They’re also supplied as decorative panels that fit on the wall above a worktop and can run the entire length of the worktop, either in a matching finish or complementary colour / design.


A decorative piece matching the worktop that runs the length of the worktop and is typically 70-100 mm tall.

Storage and accessories

Carousel storage

Storage that fits in your corner cabinets, carousel storage allows you to store and remove items from hard-to-reach corners.

Tandem larder

Gives you great visibility and easy access to items in your tall cupboards, giving you shelves on the back of the door and shelves inside the cupboard to maximise storage solutions.

Pull-out storage

A great way for saving space in your kitchen cabinets.